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Monday, June 25, 2007

Another guitar- but still only 2

Well, Carol will call me a guitar whore, again, I suppose, but I bought another guitar on Saturday. The Fender Stratacoustic that I bought a few months back went to my buddy Loc's son, Tom since he wanted to learn to play and I wasn't loving that guitar all that much. But I found another guitar to love last week while out hitting the pawn shops for a 2nd hand tool chest and on Saturday I went back and bought a Ovation Celebrity acoustic/electric.

The guitar looks like its brand new, no scratches, no dings or other wear marks and it came with a solid, sturdy hard case. Its beautiful to look at and sounds very sweet with the exception of the shortcomings of this unqualified operator. But I got a very good deal on the package and all I need to do now is spend the hours learning to play. I did spend a few hours yesterday re-stringing both my guitars and practicing out in the shop which was really pleasurable.

So many new skills to learn...

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